9 for the Mind (School of Thought)

9 for the Mind is an exciting program (School of Thought) that will teach the individual how to use Whole Brain & Critical Thinking through a mystical mathematical system called Vortex Based Mathematics – rediscovered by Mystical Mathematician, Marko Rodin.  VBM involves using both right & left hemispheres of the brain as oppose to our western traditional methods.

VBM focuses on the numbers 3, 6 & 9. This method reduces all higher mathematics, including calculus, and geometry. Vortex Based Mathematics is universally applicable in science, biology, medicine, astronomy, chemistry, physics, Ancient/Modern Technology, including computer science (Binary Code: The language of computers). In VBM, the 9 point circle (The Symbol of Enlightenment) is used to explain Intelligent Design, created by God/Allah/The Tao, Yahweh/Brahman/ABHA or Higher Power  – the one who is beyond all Intelligence.

This theorem can also be used to explain Numerology, Alchemy, Theology, Philosophy of Metaphysics, Mysticism, Meditation, Religion, Physics, Astrophysics, Cosmology, Holistic Healing, Music, and all forms of Mathematics.

This form of math is designed for the individual to have a different perspective on how the individual see numbers. This will also allow the individual to apply these methods to his or her field of interest, creating innovative approaches to new and existing technologies & problem solving.

VBM is easy to learn, and will help the average person see mathematics & physics in a whole new way.

This program runs for 9 weeks. Those who successfully complete the program will receive a Certificate of Achievement. A medallion will be rewarded to those who pass the written exam.

(Serious Participants only!!)

9 for the Mind will be facilitated by Youth Worker & Meditation Teacher/Facilitator, Morgan O. Smith

9 for the Mind is every Thursday from 3:30 – 5:30

Starting Thursday February 10, 2011

Contact Morgan at: 416 281-1376 ext 24


$1 registration fee required

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